Georg Tarne sucks at recalling names.
He can neither ski nor snowboard, nor surf, nor free climb.
He gets drunk way too fast, and – yes – he has a beard.

Luckily, in spite of all these impairments, at age 22 he managed to start up a social business called soulbottles, that he now runs from Berlin as CEO, together with his best friend Paul (who is co-founder) and Bernardo, an experienced entrepreneur (who is investor, co-founder & operational secret weapon).

When he was 5, he wanted to become an engine driver.
When he was 16, he wanted to become a musician (a very sensitive musician).
Now at 23 he’s really happy doing what he does. Social Impact married with design, creativity and a lot of playfulness. It’s a really awesome combination!

[See how happy I am? The suns's coming right out of my freaking head, that's how!]

In this blog you’ll learn

  • what the most important skills for a life of high impact are – and what it takes to learn them
  • how to do something deeply meaningful for a living – without losing fun and playfulness. (yes, that’s “meaningful”, “for a living” AND “fun & playfulness” all in the same sentence)
  • Why you can’t have true meaning UNLESS you do some kind of social change for a living (as in: not only in your spare time).

Sound good? Sound interesting?


Content comes soon. :)

This Text is also available in: German