I have this theory.

A majority of the problems we as humanity are having right now are not solved yet because so few people know how to solve conflicts. Not manage, play down or compromise on conflicts, but solve them in a way that honors if not meets the needs of everybody involved & affected.

This is one of the areas where so many people actually believe it’s impossible.

“Heck, if I can’t even fight productively with my wife, how can we even dare to imagine to be able to solve conflicts on a global scale?”

Which is why the standard responses to global problems are “we just need better technology” or “we just need better policies” or “we just need better social business ideas”.

And while we desperately need all that, we are never going to get it fast enough if we don’t know how to remove the obstacles in the human relations that would make all of this possible.

Too few people know that there’s an art and a science to solving conflicts.

And this is what I’m going to introduce you to over the course of the next week.

So watch out for tomorrow’s article of where you’ll learn the basics of the effective conflict resolution mindset.

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Photo credit: Cristian V.