I could write this as a long, drawn out article but it is actually pretty simple. In October 12 we did 2 things.

1) Create a contest people care about (in our case, a design contest for bottles that make the world a better place.)
2) Have a small entrance fee. In our case: People can only vote for designs when they like the soulbottles Facebook-Page. (We paid for an app that does that.)

Having a design contest also proved to be a genius hook for getting media coverage. We wrote to and were featured in many small to medium to almost big online outlets. (Here are some of them).

Before we did the contest, we had around 500 FB-Likes. After 30 days, we ended up with more than 1.300, a 160% increase. (Well, not quite tripled, but it really sounds a lot more concise than “how to 2.6x your FB-Likes, doesn’t it?)

The contest we held a few months before showed what happens when you miss number 2.
There were a few designs that raked in more votes than our Facebook-Page had likes at the time. (Damn virality!)
For example this one:

[On second thought, maybe that was merely god's intervention.]

1) Contest that people care about. 2) Entrance fee.

First one takes preparation. Second one is easy, but essential.

Oldest trick in the book. Works beautifully.

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