If you want to change the world, stop being a Changemaker

After years of being practically bombarded with it, I believe the word “changemaker” is kind of off.

Being one, I believe: change isn’t “made”.

It is inspired.

Real, lasting change comes from within people. It’s the old “you can lead a horse to the water, but you can’t force it to drink”.

Imagine this:

There is a cliff, a high, dangerous cliff, with rocks and intimidating waves at the bottom and howling winds at the top. All the people you know are walking in a holiday-like procession that leads them over said cliff.
It’s like a procession of human lemmings, everyone singing mantra-like, hypnotic songs that deceptively sound like “I hate this job but I need to pay my rent” or “I know it’s not good but this flight to Egypt was just such a bargain”, and the cliff is the in-your-face metaphor about the impending collapse of our environment. Where we’re all going to die. And stuff.

So, you, as a conscious human being have two choices:

A) You go right to the edge of the cliff and try to push people back in. Swearing at them, telling them how stupid they are to be going down that cliff.

B) You assemble a group of friends, some of them great live musicians, some of them really good DJs, organize a sound-system on wheels, drive near the cliff, but about 500-1000m in, turn up the volume and have the pop-up party of the century.

Which one is more effective at keeping people from falling down the cliff? More importantly, which is more effective at bringing people back into the land, where they are supposed to be living happily ever after? Which one is more fun? Which is less exhausting?

B, obviously.

The changemaker pushes the horse’s head under water. The changemagnet polishes her poem about the beauty of drinking out of fresh rivers. And then reads it out loud.

The changemaker’s work consists of upping the volume and handing out guilt-trips. The changemagnet’s work consist of fine-tuning the message, sometimes even building an alternative world that looks like much more fun than the current one.

Cracking the code that opens hearts.

It takes a lot more listening, tuning into people’s desires, and making your own life as beautiful as it can be. It’s as much inner work as it is outer work, it looks much less active, but it’s got so much more leverage.

Because the thing is: Hearts don’t open on force. They are won by being touched.

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